Leadership for Dummies

I was with a colleague the other day and he mentioned that he really wants to improve his leadership skills and if he could just find a “Leadership for Dummies” book, then that would make his day. We engaged in a bit of conversation about leadership styles, philosophies and ideas and I suggested that perhaps he might want to think about what kind of leader he wants to be? What kind of leadership style or philosophy he might want to put forward. But as I sat down to right this little missive, I thought I better check with the Dummy series books and sure enough, written by Marshall Loeb is the Leadership for Dummies book. “Short on theory, and long Read More

Business Resiliency in New Orleans: The Resilience Advantage

Several months ago, much note was taken of the  5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Recently I had the opportunity to have dinner with a friend, who is a district manager for JC Penney and who talked about the challenges that she faced during the hurricane as well as the challenges that her business faced as part of the recovery across the entire Gulf Region. What was most striking to me was that despite the stories of difficulties she described about life for residents of the region as well as for commercial reinvigoration, she shared stories of remarkable resilience in all her descriptions. Yes, her house had been destroyed but she bought a new place that she loves in the French Read More