Resilience Advantage for PPG Industries
Jun, 2014

Richard began series of national workshops on The Resilience Advantage for PPG Industries

Board of Directors
Jun, 2014

Richard was invited to serve on the Board of Directors of Standing Firm

Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Jun, 2014

Richard was listed in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette for agreeing to sign the pledge for Father’s Day to help stop violence against women

Green Building Alliance workshop
Apr, 2014

Richard lead a workshop for the Green Building Alliance in Strength Finders. This is the second year in a row that Richard has worked with the GBA who are doing an amazing job of bringing green technology and ideas to buildings and communities in Southwestern PA

Community Leadership Curriculum new veteran’s project
Mar, 2014

Richard co-facilitated the first ever class of a new veteran’s project sponsored by Leadership Pittsburgh. The Community Leadership Curriculum for Veterans helps develop returning vets into community leaders. The weekend workshop was the first of a year long program for these deserving warriors

Alan Weiss’s Thought Leadership Conference: Dan Pink on psychology of influence
Oct, 2013

Richard attended Alan Weiss’s Thought Leadership Conference where he had the opportunity to talk with author Dan Pink about new ideas in the psychology of influence

on stress resilience
Apr 15, 2013

Richard was interviewed on stress resilience in a recent edition of Employee Benefit News. learn more

gender equity award dinner
Jun 30, 2012

06/30/12: Richard was honored by being nominated as a man who works on behalf of gender equity by the Women’s and Girl’s Foundation. The award dinner will be held December 1 2012

Great Rivers Chapter of the American Heart Association
Jan 12, 2012

1/12/12 Conducted a pro bono workshop on building a strength-based organization to the Great Rivers Chapter of the American Heart Association today. What a great group of people doing amazing work

Western PA Hospital News
Jan 8, 2012

1/8/12 The Western PA Hospital News published an important article about how you can make 2012 a stress resilient year so that you can get the upper hand on stress. Its on page 5 of the current issue.

article was in Employee Benefit News
Jan 1, 2012

1/1/12 An exciting article was in Employee Benefit News discussing my stress resilience model. The author interviewed Tony Schwartz, founder of the Energy Project who had some great input on the resilience model. Check it out here

TEDx conference
Nov 19, 2011

Richard will be attending and presenting at the TEDx conference sponsored by Leadership Pittsburgh to be held at Nemacolin Woodlands on Saturday and Sunday, November 19th and 20th, 2011

Helping Non-Profit Organizations Create New Work Structures
Nov 4, 2011

Helping Non-Profit Organizations Create New Work Structures was the focus on a two day conference Richard Attended on November 4th and 11th sponsored by Lapiana Consulting and The Forbes Funds.

Richard was honored
Sep 20, 2011

Richard will be attending the Pittsburgh Tech 50’s award dinner on Tuesday Night September 20th.

Combat Stress Intervention Program
Sep 21, 2011

Richard will be attending the The Combat Stress Intervention Program to be held in Washington PA on Friday, September 21, 2011. The program will be focusing on resilience.

Leadership Pittsburgh’s Opening Retreat for LP Class XXVIII
Sep 22, 2011

Richard will be speaking at the Leadership Pittsburgh’s Opening Retreat for LP Class XXVIII on Saturday, September 22, 2010

Employee Benefits Forum and Expo
Sep 25, 2011

Richard is a featured speaker at the 24th annual Employee Benefits Forum and Expo to be held in Dallas, Texas on September 25-27th.

Pittsburgh Human Resources Association
Oct 4, 2011

Richard will be attending and staffing a table at the Pittsburgh Human Resources Association Meeting held up in Cranberry, PA on October 4th and 5th.

Pennsylvania Association of Non-Profit Organizations
Oct 25, 2011

Richard will be presenting at the Pennsylvania Association of Non-Profit Organizations on “The Workplace Problem You Don’t Even Know You Have: The Business Case to End Partner Violence

better health care consumers
Jul 7, 2011

See Richard’s letter to the editor about how patients can become better health care consumers. learn more

Human Capital Strategist
Jul 21, 2011

See Richard’s press release about a recent certification as a Human Capital Strategist. learn more

new driving app

Watch Richard test out a new driving app on the local news. learn more

tattoos in the workplace
Aug 16, 2010

Richard Comments on tattoos in the workplace “Yay or Nay or We’ll see” learn more

Million Dollar Consulting College
Mar 28, 2010

Richard completed the prestigious Million Dollar Consulting College with Alan Weiss in March of 2010 (see the entry for March 28, 2010). See his picture along with his 8 other colleagues and check out Alan Weiss’s blog, “Contrarian Consulting” learn more

starting new business
Jun 26, 2009

Read about how Richard took the high road to starting his new business. Read Article

special needs kids
Apr 7, 2008

Dealing with life’s challenges are always tough. In this article, Richard comments on how to help parents with special needs kids. Read Article

troubled employees
Jul 14, 2007

“What employers can do to help troubled employees. Read Article

workplace concerns
Jul 14, 2007

The workplace is creating serious concerns for many workers. Dr. Citrin offers employers and employees ideas to deal with tough situations. Read Article

Peace It Together Pittsburgh Podcast
Oct 15, 2006

Hear Richard co-host Pittsburgh’s Radio Show “Peace It Together Pittsburgh” were he interviewed Mark Lessor, a management consultant who uses zen practices to bring about change in organizations. This podcast from October 15,2006 talked about how you can improve your health and wellness. listen

improve your health
Dec 12, 2006

Listen in to learn about how you can improve your health and wellness. learn more

employee health and wellness

Read this story about employee health and wellness where Richard discusses how organizations can improve their workplace by focusing on health and wellness. Read Article

healthy workplace balance

Ideas for HR people about creating a healthy balance in your workplace. Learn More

HealthCare Answer Book

See some of Richard’s responses about improving health care in the HealthCare Answer Book (after you go to this link, go to page 76) Read Article